We are the original manufacturer of the patented SUPERCLOTH® in Italy since 1990. In 2000, we introduced the SUPERCLOTH® to the United States via direct response commercials and QVC Live TV Shopping with great success. For more than 10 years, we were one of the most successful cleaning products in QVC history. Over the past five years we have been focusing on our European business, which continues to be very successful.

Since our departure from QVC in 2010, we have continued to receive many requests to return to the U.S. market and especially QVC.

Effective March 2016, we are proud to announce we will be relaunching the SUPERCLOTH
® in the U.S. with an exclusive offer on QVC. 

Please join the more than 1 million satisfied U.S. customers that love our product and have pushed for our return. 



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