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SUPERCLOTH® is a patented, uniquely premium cleaning cloth developed and imported from Italy.  Entering the US market in 2000, the SUPERCLOTH® quickly became one of the most successful cleaning products on QVC television, selling more than 1 million individual cloths over a 10 year span.

SUPERCLOTH® is based on the long time traditional European cleaning method of “damp” dusting.  For many years, Europeans understood the importance of cleaning surfaces with a damp cloth.  The problem…a second, dry cloth was also needed in order to dry the surface, to avoid leaving streaks.

SUPERCLOTH® was developed to solve this problem.  Creating a high-quality cleaning cloth that could retain a minimal amount of moisture for damp dusting hard surfaces; at the same time, evaporating within seconds, leaving no streaks, lint or spots behind.

SUPERCLOTH® was designed to save time by damp dusting and drying at the same time, with only one swipe, outperforming any other cleaning cloth.

With over 20 years of service, we are proud to have created a product that performs better than anything else in the market.


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