Supercloth 2 pack

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SUPERCLOTH®  is an eco-friendly cloth suitable for cleaning any type of hard surface and able to remove all types of dust, dirt and fingerprints, using nothing more than tap water.

  • Just rinse, wring and reuse
  • Lint Free & Streak Free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Just use tap water
  • Patented
  • Made in Italy
  • Cleans many different surfaces

Cloth measures: 17 ½" x 12 ¾"

Non-woven 60% Polyamide, 40% Polyurethane

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Details make the difference

Over 25 years of experience

Supercloth has been in the U.S. and European markets for more than 25 years.

Patented product

Ours is a unique product, protected by patent in Europe and the United States for more than 20 years.

Millions of satisfied customers

Over the years, millions of customers have appreciated Supercloth's qualities, as evidenced by more than 92% positive reviews.

How to use Supercloth?

Make any surface shine quickly and easily


Before or during cleaning, simply rinse Supercloth with running water only. It is recommended not to use boiling water.


After rinsing Supercloth, simply wring it out and leave it barely damp. This way the result will be outstanding.


With wet Supercloth, dusting and cleaning can be done. For glass and mirrors, use linear movements from right to left and vice versa.


What do our customers think?

There’s no surface that Supercloth don’t clean

A cloth suitable for multiple uses.

Supercloth is the smart system for make cleaning quick and easy. The its special fiber, designed with materials innovative, is suitable for cleaning all surfaces.

Supercloth 2 pack Savings Offer (Free S&H)


A cloth suitable for multiple uses

Supercloth is the smart system for make cleaning quick and easy. The its special fiber, designed with materials innovative, is suitable for cleaning all surfaces

  • Over 2,500,000 sold


Questions & Answers

How can I contact customer service?

You can contact us in several ways:

- Clicking on the chat icon in the lower left corner

- By writing us on the "Contact Us" page
- By phone at +1 (786) 840-0877
- By email at

How long does the package take to arrive?

You will be able to receive the package within 48/72 hours after placing the order.

How do you clean Supercloth? And how is it stored?

After each use, rinse Supercloth with plenty of water and mild detergent. Avoid using harsh detergents such as ammonia or bleach. After wringing it out, let it air dry, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight or heat sources. Before storing it, make sure it is totally dry.

Where to use Supercloth?

Supercloth is used wet on all surfaces such as cars, glass, mirrors, furniture, desks, electronic devices, TVs, chandeliers. It can also be used dry to remove dust or marks from non-washable surfaces such as sofas, armchairs or lampshades.

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Customer service:

+1 (786) 840-0877

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Vito Bordo
Over 15 years

Supercloth's 2-pack is gentle on surfaces but tough on dirt. They effortlessly lift stains without scratching, making them perfect for delicate items like glass and glasswere!! I have had them for over 15 years.

Lily Carter
Delays disappoint

While the Supercloth 2-pack delivers satisfactory results, I'm disappointed by the delayed delivery, arriving a day later than expected. Despite the inconvenience, the cloths perform well, proving effective on various surfaces. However, improved logistics would enhance the overall customer experience.

Daniel Martinez
cleaning revelation!

Initially, I was skeptical about how just two cloths could make a significant difference, but oh boy, was I wrong. From the moment I started using them, I was blown away by their cleaning power and versatility. Firstly, Supercloths effortlessly tackle dirt and grime on various surfaces, leaving them sparkling clean with minimal effort. Whether it's wiping down kitchen countertops, polishing stainless steel appliances, or cleaning glass surfaces, these cloths do it all, and they do it exceptionally well. I no longer need to rely on multiple cleaning products. Moreover, knowing that I can achieve such outstanding results using just water is not only convenient but also environmentally conscious. It's a win-win situation!

Vito Bordo
Handy for everyday messes

I use one in the kitchen for spills and the other in the living room for dusting. They're durable and leave surfaces spotless.For me the pack of 2 Supercloth is a household staple.

Tyler Tod
A Must-Have for Every Car

It's a solution for car cleanliness. I keep one in the glove compartment for wiping down dashboards and windows. They leave a streak-free shine every time!

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© 2024 All Rights Reserved. 

Supercloth brand and its domain are owned by Unidea International srl Italy licensed to Unibrands Direct of America, LLC